neros consulting

more than 15 years of experience in industriel automation

Main activities are now in Neros Automation A/S

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* we are experts in intelligent and advanced automation
* we use the dialog to get people and equipment to communicate
* we optimize process flow - keeping your expensive processes busy

* we have a lot of experience, 15+ years, from coorporation with
pl indutri, pl automation and teknek automation and their customers

* we can design, manufacture, install and maintain the equipment 
you need to make your production more efficient

October 2008

neros consulting
att søren p johansen
ibjergvej 15, dk-5792 årslev. denmark
email,  tel  +45 20 88 76 45


among our customers you'll find:

Danfoss, Gråsten, Denmark

Triax, Hornsyld, Denmark
Oticon logo
Oticon, Thisted, Denmark

Kamstrup, Stilling, Denmark

Kildemoes, Nr. Lyndelse,

Jenaer Leiterplatten, Jena, Germany

Echo Graphic, Hadsund,

TriVision, Odense,


Eltraco, Vedbæk, Denmark